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Yes, the competition in the United States is high, like Michael Jordan on his heels. But there are advantages you never thought about ...

The main thing is the size

Sure, it's easier to start with a small country. Many people think so - and this is the main mistake. You'll spend the same time and money, both in the US and Albania. But what about result?

Version 1. Your company's occupied, for example, 50% of Albania's market. What profit will you get? What prospects? Expansion would be much easier and cheaper than entering the Croatian market. But there's no space to grow up, and you have to start all over again in another country.

Version 2. You have 0.0005% of the United States market. The profit is 10 times higher. Prospects - like a mouse has on a cheese factory. But you have already adapted and you know clearly where to move and how to achieve success.

The capacity of the market is the main argument for choosing. Should we say the US market is the largest in the world?

Myths are created by losers

Basically, stories about the complexity of doing business in America are created by entrepreneurs themselves. Of course, it's much easier to say this is "unreal" than to set an ambitious goal and achieve it. You met such people, didn't you?

Myth 1. The US market is overcrowded. But did the American consumer know 20 years ago that he would go to work on a Japanese car? His children will spend evenings in front of Korean televisions, and grandchildren - play with Chinese toys? No, and more - they were considered to be illiquid there. Today American manufacturers are forced to move their production to China, because they can't stand the competition from the Asians.

Myth 2. No one will buy our goods. When did you visit the United States last time? Next time pay your attention: practically in every large American store you can find a coat of the Lviv garment factory. And this is the best answer to the question "can we bypass hardworking Chinese and compete with their prices?". Yes, we can!

Myth 3. Our products will not pass their certification. Don't believe it - they don't issue certificates in the US. Yes, at all. It is enough to receive approval in the usual postal correspondence. Moreover, it's given once. You don't need to think about the extension every year. Incredible, right? It's hard to believe sometimes. That's why there are so many certificating services on the internet. Be careful, don't become a victim of scammers.

Conclusion: do not listen to anyone and go confidently to your own success.

Diversification of sales markets

Only one decree can deprive an established business of thousands of people. Hiding a part of eggs in another basket for insurance never hurts.

Income in foreign currency

Many countries depend on the US dollar very much. Who wouldn't like to get rid of the constant fear of another dollar jump?

The state support

In the United States, the task of the government is not to control the business, but to help it. Less bureaucracy, less inspections, more cautious inspectors.

Raising the status

"Our products are represented in the US". One phrase raises the assessment in the eyes of potential partners and buyers. As a date with a student in the 8th grade.

The unique experience

First of all, it's a challenge for you as an entrepreneur. Can you become a company for Columbus and open America? If yes - welcome to the elite club of international businessmen. Bravo.

The prospect of immigration

Get closer to America and it will certainly charm you. Who knows, maybe your grandchildren will study at Harvard?


One of the principles of a successful campaign is the reduction of unnecessary expenses

Our goals are the same

Some firms follow the path of least resistance. The hire well-known in the US consulting companies: marketers, PR specialists, lawyers. The result will be positive but the expenses shocking. Like the July snow in Madagascar.

We're looking a little further. It's not profitable for us to increase your expenses. After all, other companies are earning under this scheme - not TK Linkor. It will be wonderful if the profits really cost the money invested in the promotion. You trust us with new products, while recommending to friends and partners. You must know some entrepreneurs, don't you?

How to save several thousand dollars?

We have several proven experienced "salespeople" with a solid reputation in the US. We entrust the project to one of them - a practitioner who knows how to organize sales of a particular type of product in the US. He has the necessary contacts in the networks, he knows what obstacles are encountered in this way and how to get around them quickly.
The promoting always begins with New York. The local population is so diverse that there is a buyer for every product. The further analysis of the target audience will prompt the development vector.

So, our task is to find a specialist who knows your group of products inside out. We are required to provide him with everything necessary. Product samples, warehouses, conduction of events, laboratory analyzes, a website development, etc.

One person will always bill less than the whole firm.

In business digits speak


years of hard work


brands on the US market




projects realized


Get to know the people you trust your business

Yegor Kluiev

Business Development Partner

Liudmila Makarenko

Chief Accountant

Viktor Bukhlitskiy

Information Systems Manager


All our clients are protected by the confidentiality agreement. Therefore, we have to hide the real names and names of companies

A confectionary factory, Ukraine

Product: chocolate, cookies (21 SKU)

Region of promoting: New York
Outlets: 58
Preparation period: 6,5 months
Preparation cost: $63,000

Difficulties: due to the high price offered by the manufacturer, the sales were at a low level for 5 months.
Actions: to avoid large-scale and expensive advertising campaigns, we decided to conduct a series of demo events at the stores where the goods were presented. The budget was $16,000 for 4 months.
Result: the sales increased sharply in the next 2 months. In total 3116 items for $19,630 were sold within 7 months.

Conclusion: 7 months and 9 years. This is how much it took to achieve the same level of profit in the US and Ukraine respectively. The client decided to move to the States with his family and TK Linkor helped to implement this with pleasure. As he manages the sales himself now, the further statistics are unknown to us.

Household chemicals manufacturer, Ukraine

Product: home care products (8 SKU)

Region of promoting: New York
Outlets: 30
Preparation period: 9 months
Preparation cost: $48,000

Difficulties: for 2 months, 9 items were sold. The brand, specially created for the US, was unknown to the consumer.
Actions: after 2 month we began to give out flyers near the stores. A month later some posters were hung near the outlets and the goods were put on a separate stand.
Result: 935 items sold within 3 months for $11,220.

Conclusion: Such success of the product made our client think about expanding the network. We hired a qualified manager with a salary of $6,500 for this task. To date, the product is presented in 321 stores, and this is only in New York. The monthly expansion plan is at least 30 new outlets.

Fruit supplier, Ukraine

Product: apples

Region of promoting: New York
Outlets: 1
Preparation period: 2 months
Preparation cost: $15,000

Difficulties: we had a doubt it makes sense to go to the US with raw materials. First of all, it's an excellent chance to develop your brand.
Actions: we carried out all the necessary preparatory work. We signed the agreement with one of our regular partners on the delivery of a test shipment - 5 tons.
Result: in 6 weeks we were paid for the delivered goods. They appointed a meeting where they presented the draft agreement on the regular supply of Ukrainian fruit.

Conclusion: The peak sales were achieved in 9 months. 320 tons of fruit were delivered. The enterprise was not able to provide more.


Imagine you are still interested in trading in the US

No prepayments

So, you are determined to succeed in the US and become equal with McDonald's and Coca Cola. You have an enterprise registered. The product you want to promote is officially produced in any country and taxes have been paid for it. No certificates required, they don't work in the USA.

Contact us or visit our office. Sit in a comfortable chair and relax from the metropolitan bustle. Tell us more about the product, its features, why it deserves to travel overseas.
You are probably wondering: will the Americans be interested in the product, how can you reduce the cost, how much is entering networks, logistics issues, dealer margin ... The experienced manager will answer all questions, tell you if we had experience with similar goods. Let him calculate the exact cost of promotion.
The agreement specifies all the terms and obligations. The payment for our services will be required at the end, when the goods are on the counter. Prepayment is needed only for operating expenses, as we progress.

Look it through and sign. Now you are safe from unpleasant surprises. Congratulations, you are a client of TK Linkor!

The full algorithm of cooperation with TK Linkor

1. Preliminary analysis of competitors

2. Price formation
Market research

3. Conducting laboratory tests (if necessary)
Project closure

4. Product registration in the US regulatory authorities

5. Adaptation of packaging (design, text, marking)
Conducting laboratory tests

6. Test shipment (via TK Linkor)

7. Development of the marketing program. Basic delivery to the dealer
*The left column shows the sequence of actions if the result is positive.

8. Debugging the sales system
The right one shows what if the result is negative.

9. Scaling up and increasing the sales volumes

Absolutely clear, isn't it?

We've described the algorithm of the most popular package of services among our clients - "Test promotion" . Why should one put everything on the map?

In a short time, it allows you to bring your brand to the market of the United States of America. The duration of promotion depends on the specifics of the product and the number of regulating authorities. On average, from 2 to 6 months. You don't need to open your office in the US, our dealer with an office in New York and a full staff of employees is ready to represent your interests in the US.

The cost also depends on the product, industry and the number of inspections. The most profitable in this regard is food. Only 1 institute, 2 months, the maximum cost is $3,000 per SKU. As for the light industry, promotion will cost 3 months and $4,000 (per enterprise). The most difficult is household chemicals. It's checked by 4 institutes, from 6 months, the price is from $5,000.

2-6 months

$2,000 - $5,000

per SKU



If the typical offer doesn't suit you, contact the manager

Logistics services

Opening of representative office

Opening of production

Packaging and labeling

Warehouse rent

Product analysis

Organization of events

Product promotion on

Site development


This experience has become unique for TK Linkor

"No risk, no income"

The uniqueness lies in the fact that we tried to dissuade the potential client ourselves. As already mentioned, we believed the US are not the best option for the supply of raw materials. But the customer said the words, the wisdom of which we got able to assess only months later.

«If it doesn't work out, it's not the money you should spare. But if I don't try - I'll regret it exactly.»

Now all his company works for one American store. Every month all the products produced are guaranteed to be realized. 100% of the profit. Every month.

A dream of any businessman, including yours, isn't it? That's such a huge potential for the United States market. Here there is a place for everyone.

Fill out the form and a representative of TK Linkor will contact you during the day

Think again about all the pros and cons. You will understand it's worth at least to discuss with the manager all the questions and find out the exact cost of promotion.

We are waiting for you in our office!

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